Talk about the different press printing color sequence

  for staff engaged in the printing, color printing uses inks, how should printing and color printing is sure to grasp, especially different printer should be printing color sequence is used is critical, following monochrome machine, double-color, four-colour printed color sequence for presentation.
, monochrome machine
Mono machines belonging to the wet fold dry printing. In the ink transfer process, even if the first color dry situations, and can only be printed on to transfer more than 80% of ink on paper. So in order to minimize the printing of color, better able to bring out an important color in the image. You should use the appropriate printing color sequence. For example: image is important in red color, it should follow the magenta color--yellow print, screen highlight the main color red. In addition, monochrome printing accuracy requirements are not very high in the yellow and black printed, so that when you make the paper gradually stabilized, color prepress printing again, reduce the printing color of misregister requires high accuracy, thus improving printing quality.
II, double color
second in the two-color printing and third colors are wet stack dry printing. 1-2 and 314-color printing is a wet wet stack register, printed in the printing was used in the following color sequence: 1-2 magenta color--blue or green--magenta 14-color black--yellow or yellow-black, but also according to need. When you highlight a color, such as green, it should be in accordance with the magenta--yellow, Green-Black overprinting color printing, so to get better printing results.
three or four color
four color printing uses three primary types of printed color sequence:
1. deposit increments the sequence of color:
holdout thus increasing the color sequence is increased gradually from the first ink color of ink film thickness. For example, use green ink density is 1.6, film thickness of ink on paper is about 0.85 ц m around magenta density is 1.4, the ink film thickness of about 0.9 ц m, yellow ink density of 1.0, the ink film thickness of about 1.3 ц m. With this ink printed color sequence of increasing green--magenta--Huang Lai-printing, printing will be satisfactory results.
2. printed color sequence of decreasing viscosity
belongs to the wet wet stack in the four-colour printing machine printing in prepress is fully wet condition, after the color has been set up. As printing color, viscosity, viscous anti-stick will appear under, impact printing accuracy. Therefore, must be taken into account in the process of Printing Ink viscosity, viscosity reduction in printing color sequence, to ensure the quality of prints.
3. decreasing transparency color
in four-colour printing, also should consider printing from the transparency of the ink color you like. For example: in the four-colour machines in process printing, if Huang Mo-CR Huang Lai made the transparency is low, you must first print Yellow Ink. If Huang Mo after China and India, the graphic dark adjustment, color cast occurs, serious impact on print quality.
overall in four-colour printing, if the black version, stressed the long blue, green--magenta--yellow-black color sequence to print if the black version is a complementary version, emphasized with red, and black can be used – green---magenta--Huang Lai-printing.
in summary, awareness of the different press printing color sequence is particularly important, it directly affects the print result. For staff engaged in printing, and should have a variety of printing color printing method has a good grasp of the printing press, meanwhile, expects the majority of persons engaged in the operation of the printing press operation through the above described can get some help and inspiration from. Is designed to raise the level of print quality.