Analog proofing problems

  1, first Sun-proof version is required in accordance with the standard, taking into account the proof when the expansion factor. Note the dot gain due to ink emulsion; note also that the blanket is not taut, plates and rubber roller pressure caused by excessive dot gain.
2, misregister problem misregister in mechanical aspects that cause and human factors.
3, pay attention to "taping" problem, "taping" is usually caused by friction.
4, the attention of paste issue, paste version caused mainly due to the rubber roller pressure is too large, and ink got too thin, oily too large or auxiliary materials are added, such as too much, too much ink.
5, the attention of heap problem, causing heap due to inappropriate pressure, poor excellent blanket, ink mixing, viscosity is not appropriate, dryness of the oil too much and cause of paper off the ground.
6, pay attention to color problem paper for proofing and printing paper as uniform as possible, proofing color and print color uniformity.