Experience sharing: indent and bleeds in print applications

  It is often said that seven-plate, third printing, plate making process some clever use of the techniques of printing often play a finishing touch effect. Therefore, if you want to make excellent design and plate must be very familiar with the whole process of printing can be produced to meet the various requirements of the original printing plates, and ultimately print fidelity of the original.
whether it is offset, flexo, gravure, and screen printing, access to a wealth of color cannot be fulfilled by a single color. Lots of color in two or more colors in order to restore the original colors.
the following from the concrete examples of said plate indented and bleed in the process of application, for reference.
a, indent technique
Indent refers to two color or multicolor overlay graphics and text, in sedan in light of actual situations in accordance with some graphics and text color when order former printed editions in the original stack size based on the slightly indented, so that accurate overprint when printing, making graphics more realistic. Such as various packages currently on the market on the "environmental protection in China" tag, is formed by the Green, yellow and gold tri-color overprint. In the actual printing, many of the prints in blue into green difficult to deliver because of misregister users, resulting in a big loss. Expressed that spot color green can be used to solve the problem. But can increase the color green also have to consider their own printing device has enough color group to implement this process. If the four-colour, six, eight or even ten-color press has a full color group to resolve it? In addition, each color at least two drawbacks: first, cost increase; the second is to the printing operation more difficult.
in my opinion, for this situation, in sedan indentation technique is used in a good way. In the sedan, yellow or green version of indent, misregister problem is easy to solve.
in addition, many words on the packaging is formed by the multicolor overprint. According to common sense, and do not promote the text color overprints. According to statistics, color printing image printing error in 0.3mm, and is not obvious to the human eye. When text printing error is 0.1mm, the human eye is sensible. But in some cases, a certain artistic effects to highlight text, color must be used when printing, indented plate can be used in technology in order to reduce the difficulty of printing.
II hemorrhage is a technology in order to guarantee the stability of finishing dimensions of the Central Plains, in color-sedan, based on the facts, some color in the original design dimensions on scale out a certain percentage. Modern packaging not only through a single print, from prints to finished products go through many processes, such as composite soft packing bag, paper packaging in the varnishing, laminating and die-cutting. These processes are likely to lead to the design size and actual size have a greater error. So, according to different design applications bleed technology is necessary. As many soft-packed main colors for the field, in the plate to ensure the compound, cutting and bagging process basic dimensions of stability, electric carving color version is to spread 1.5~3mm, so as to ensure that finished products meet the requirements.
plate making process there are many technologies, such as trapping, increasing, if versatile in its application, will be easier to achieve faithful reproduction of the original, making customers more satisfied.