Printing knowledge how printing quote form

  color printing is on human behavior and description of the products and services the most accurate means. It has brought mankind impressed an indelible first impression and feeling, it accurately can be active on human emotion and decision to exert maximum influence, in particular buying decision after receiving the service and customer satisfaction. Color printing is often used as a product
the production of promotional products to promote sales budgets, eager to know how much is the cost of printing, and as long as you contact us, our customer service staff will respond for you offer.
If this is your first exposure to print inquiries and contact printing factory work, you might feel to start, then please read our work processes, can quickly understand our fast quote. Printing processes can be easily divided into three parts: the early printing, print, printed later.
cost accounting can also be divided into three parts, three-in-one is printing prices.
complete film and proofing process are evaluated in each p, A4 (if less than A4 or larger than A4, A3, so be sure to measure the exact dimensions for use in price) is usually standard. Film is essential for computer, printing and Proofing is the machine check the color of the most basic documents.
prints to complete the key is the color standard of valuation. If there is a spot color, such as spot color or LOGO printed on the gold, silver and so on. Please note, then there would be increased from 4 to 5 colors, 6 colors. Late
printing is usually printed after the completion of the work. Be sure to specify: horseback nails or gel nails, fold (fold? ); Prepress technology for laminating or UV, die-cutting, gilding and convex area and write clearly, packaging, packaging quantity if you have special requirements please specify.