Printing pre-press how documents should be prepared

  If you did not have time to print the first production company to complete film and proofing the card, then please come to Guangzhou Yong-Li, we will immediately assist you through the prepress work.
you please pay attention to the following aspects, they will help you to save valuable time.
1. Verify that the document contains all the necessary files, verify that the image file must be included in the document, sometimes images can be displayed, but lack of or low resolution, so make sure the necessary images and provides sufficient accuracy of image files in the document. (Picture resolution of not less than 280 pixels/inch)
2. Don't forget to copy into the required fonts, please make sure to provide the necessary style, some fonts are displayed, but you still need to copy into the font can output that can be produced. Only ensure that the fonts will appear in order to enter in order to not waste your own time.
3. Don't forget to link to the picture's color from RGB to CMYK, or strips of film color confusion can occur.
4. When Pantone spot colors are converted to CMYK color, please confirm that you will achieve the same effect. After the Pantone spot colors are converted to CMYK, will generally have some differences between them, after some of the Pantone spot colors into CMYK, in accordance with output experience to achieve the same result, but those who Process Pantone Color CMYK can't for sure, then it can only be used to increase spot ways to solve.
5. Pictures double scan; single output, can improve the picture quality of the scan.
6. Bleeding 3mm layout file is set as a simple problem was experienced by some computer experts often fold halberd; typesetting software color as color values set in? So please, do a final check.
7. Corresponding to the film print Proofing is a process most hassle free by reference. If for various reasons do not have proof, you must provide at least one print (color the best, there is no, black and white), we need to check one of the two films mentioned above.