Print definition

  as far as the meaning, the traces that the printing, scrub it of that brush. By brush color and traces of his, that the printing.
in short, the printing is the production of printed matter industry. Print production, similar to the cover seal. Carved seal (version), then seal (version) stained with ink, then seal (version) transfer of ink on paper, silk, leather, such as substrate, into print.
the scientific point of view, where objects (in the narrow sense only in terms of paper) there are traces, which traces (via replication) can reflect or absorb light irradiation effect, through the eye, making Visual identification of traces out the shape and color, that the printing.
in terms of cultural ideas, printing is a method of expression and in the dissemination of the human mind.
the ancient Chinese printing, ink-brush dipped coating on a printing plate, covered with paper on the layout, then use another dry brush brushing the back of the paper, you raised against lines of ink on this page, namely printed pattern ink printed on paper, because of a brush that is printed, it is called print.
as a general rule, printing with direct or indirect method, image or manuscripts for printing plates, plate coated with ink color materials, pressurized ink transfer color material in paper or other substrate, and rapid reproduction of an industrial project.
now has no blush, even non-pressurized, that is able to print copies to printing methods.