Print design elements

  1, graphics must be CMYK or grayscale color mode.
2, color charts if you need a large area of pure black, recommend the use of K:100,C:30, this black print lighter than the color black, because of blue can make up for black printing false holes. Of course, this value is not set in stone, I did a poster outside, use K:100,C:80, this is because the area is too large to press speed is fast, it is difficult to play solid color, so the numerical increase. Also, if there are warm on the whole chart pattern and edge feathering, or warm colors transparent, then the amount adjusted according to the actual main warm, such as K:100,M:60,Y:70, this pattern transitions are very comfortable, but not as funny as when K:100. This phenomenon you can see it in PHOTOSHOP, you can test it.
3, patterned against the white or the white on thread. Choose font (number of points or lines), be careful not to use too small font such as imitation, fine, try to use line obvious such as bold, Times New Roman font, to avoid registering if not, text and lines are not clear. Rolling needed,
4, a small label box, punch things, note, try not to design outside the border. Because, if slightly off when rolling box, there will be small.
5, and newspaper draft, and rubber paper printing design to note, newsprint and rubber paper are compared eat ink, so, except out film Shi note network accounts number yiwai, also to note, in making of when to corresponding reduced chroma, like do newspaper draft, you need see 30 of gray, so making of when on put gray set to 24 around, such printing in some gray of newsprint Shang, actual effect equivalent to 30 of gray. (Double) than newsprint and white with adhesive, adjust the hue can be lower than standard copper plate printing, higher than the newspaper version, specific experience and feel.
printing involves all aspects of the process are numerous, cannot be enumerated, are now more prone to these I can think of, hope that the master and experienced friends, corrections and additions.
on just carried of friends I also wants to said several sentence, don't on any appeared of problem immediately on posts questions, first himself wondering, see problem out in where, on making or process has any questions can first browse "novice will see" and "essence", also can to corresponding of design, and printing website find, also to often and home (printing factory, and sedan company, and inkjet company, and card making company and so on) keep contact, understand process, and process requirements, and equipment performance,, experience is accumulated out of, Not to read or listen to others speak, you go to the contact, and then forever, all the measures are useless.