Security printing company ink technology

  1. ultraviolet fluorescent ink
UV-radiation, emits a visible special ink.
2. sunlight excitation color variable anti-counterfeiting printing ink
in sunlight, emits visible light of anti-counterfeiting printing inks. Color effects can range from colorless to purple, blue, yellow and other colors, can also change design from color to colorless.
3. heat-sensitive inks (also known as the thermochromic inks)
in the presence of heat, color changing effect inks can occur. Different according to the color temperature, high temperature can be divided into hand heat photochromic security ink and color inks. As a difference of color, discoloration can be divided into single-color reversible, irreversible discoloration and irreversible heat-sensitive inks.
4. response variable ink
different chemicals in ink, under certain conditions, can produce all sorts of chemical reactions, so that the ink changes color, achieve security goals. Part of the heat-sensitive inks, pressure-sensitive color-changing ink, humidity-sensitive color belongs to the color ink.
5. magnetic ink
with magnetic iron oxide powder is mixed with the ink made of special ink, at this stage is mainly used in printing Bank ticket magnetic encoding words and symbols, has the function to record and store information. Will be printed with a magnetic ticket encoded into the magnetic code reader can identify the authenticity.
6. Apart from the altered ink
If in the corresponding position when alterations are made, there will be some sort of password. The ink used in printing cheques, bills of Exchange and documents such as securities, as someone in the nominal value of a Bill to alter or eliminate the original number on the digital, it will immediately appear "void".

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