Printing company printing your common sense

  slots: also known as ditch or trench after a hardcover slipcase collection, front and back covers and spine sections into the Groove.
stitch: sewing (sewing), the same book (or the same set) on the distance between two adjacent pins.
needles: sewing (sewing), number of needle book set.
Ridge: a hardcover. Without the book, ridged, but through the case processing of special decoration, make the book look like, ridged hardcover book.
-cleft: grilled round, ridged processing, book block back two adjacent posts split apart.
join: pick up surface case two overlapping part of the spell stick surface materials.
edge: four case-surface materials edge case-Board back into the fold and stick to the cardboard part of the package.
Pack rounded shell corners when wrapping, surface materials are of equal size several fan-folded, glued to the case of cardboard.
hot: processing in the same object twice on hot stamping.