Ink in the printing companies categories

resins for offset printing ink is based on synthetic resins as Binder for ink. For monochrome, two-color offset printing press in offset, letterpress printed on paper, white paper ordinary logo, advertisement, brochure printing, book printing of books and other products, with good printability, low prices and so on.
offset offset light ink light ink is made from synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, high-boiling points of alkanes oil, premium mid-range inks pigment production. For monochrome, two-color or multi-color offset press on coated paper, printing higher book magazine printing, color pictures, and various types of trade marks, its standards are higher than the offset resin printing ink in ink.
four color offset light and quick-drying ink printability good, fast drying, high gloss, bright colors and so on. Senior coated paper suitable for printing and a variety of fine paper and paper better, outlets more articulate, better printing quality. High speed printing, need not, printer paper, printing not dirty, not only reduces the operator's labor intensity and improve product quality and yield.