Types of card number

  (1) card. Includes leaflets, folders, postcards, greeting cards, business cards, sales letters and other, used to suggest products, activities, and corporate and other.
(2) samples. Includes brochures, catalogs, corporate publications and pictures. Systems present a product, there are objective, he said, departments, various goods, introduction, future prospects and referral services, establish a company's overall image.
(3) manual. General attached to the packaging, so that consumers understand product performance, structure, composition, quality and methods of use.
it is apparent that the content on a variety of advertising in other media, not easy to achieve the comprehensive, detailed results and achieve targeted propaganda purposes. Promotional cards are in the form of a complete communications, for a season or period, for enterprises and personnel, for trade shows, fairs, buying consumer mail, distribution, gifts, to expand the enterprise, merchandise visibility, promote products and strengthen the product purchaser to understand and strengthen the effectiveness of the advertising.