How to explain to customers printed knowledge

  has customer to printed Mobile paper bags Shi, first find statistics, has same size of best, if only similar size of mobile paper bags, can and customer consultations whether can by similar of size for printed, as for customer by accept, on to this size to sedan, and printing then with originally has some molded version for pressure marks processing, save has making molded version of cost and time. Paper bag production enterprises, which can gain considerable economic benefits. For molded version of the paper must make a new bag, new molded hand-bags printed version should be consistent design layout, unified in its side to the lip line indentation distance from the handle after use should also be classified in a timely manner registrations for later reuse.
mobile paper bags height in 25cm to 30cm Zhijian of for a, and will all this height range within of mobile paper bags of molded version for number, by serial number placed custody, and in notebook Shang stated serial number by corresponds to of molded version of precise size (including length, and width and height), and molded version of typesetting way, and molded version of its mouth side to handle at folding mouth pressure marks line of distance.